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villages of Goa

There is a discernible change in the way both tourists and travelers are looking at Goa, even those who wish to relocate are moving away from the popular areas to more immersive experiences in the villages. Here is a list of Goan villages that are found most appealing:

North Goa:

1. Assagao

Assagao, also known as ‘Fullyanchem Gaon’ or the village of flowers, inspires envy among those who look to own a villa in this quiet, offbeat verdant village. It is currently one of the hippest and most sought after villages in Goa with its cosmopolitan restaurants and artsy stores. Assagao boasts of some of the best luxury villas in Goa as well as being the second home to a handful of world-renowned creative professionals.

2. Anjuna

The birthplace of all things happy and hippy, Anjuna continues to retain its charm as the motherlode of all that is bohemian. This village still maintains its goan essence while offering enticing beaches, eclectic markets, and entrancing party scenes. Owning a villa like Kasu Zama in Anjuna ensures living in a private paradise and stepping out into Alice’s wonderland.

3. Divar

The enchanting riverine island of Divar has much to offer in terms of history, religion, and mystery. It is relatively untouched by tourism and offers anyone looking for houses for sale in Goa, an experience of the true spirit of rural Goa with all its customs and traditions. 

4. Siolim

This stunning riverside village is as popular as it is quaint. Well known for its small local eateries and some of the best feni produced in Goa, it is also popular for its scenic views from the Siolim bridge and along the Chapora river. Siolim is also the best village to live in if you wish to be a regular visitor to the beaches of Morjim, Ashvem, and Mandrem. 

5. Saligao

The village that has it all, from swaying paddy fields to hillside cashew plantations. Noted for being one of the most progressive villages in Goa, the locals take an active interest in its welfare. It is also known for the architecture of some of the best traditional villas in North Goa and home to several illustrious artists and writers.  

South Goa:

6. Loutolim

Known for the Figueiredo Mansion, a palatial home akin to a museum, Loutolim is a reminder of the grandeur that prevailed in Goa of the past. This village, immersed in history and museums, grand houses, and interesting restaurants, at the same time retains a simple Goan village charm with quiet and seclusion.   

7. Chandor

Steeped in history, archeology, heritage, and culture, getting to know Chandor can keep you occupied for months on end. Once the capital of Goa, this beautiful little village is surrounded by hills and fields and has the serene Kushavati river running through it. 

8. Chicalim

Often overlooked en route to and from the airport, Chicalim is a beautiful village with a  scenic bay in the Zauri river which is the perfect spot for picnics and sunsets. It has some picturesque spots and an interesting walk to San Jacinto island that will endear you to this village. 

9. Agonda

The best part of owning a house in Agonda is its pristine stretch of beach and its designated turtle nesting site. This place is not too touristy and the village is quiet and undisturbed. 

10. Cotigao

Located on the borders of Goa, this forested village houses the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary. It is remote and secluded and a splendid location to cut off from the world and be one with nature. 

Now that you know of some of the most desirable villages in Goa, have you started dreaming of investing in a second home? 

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