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Are you planning to visit Goa for the first time? (Bear in mind the monsoons though!) Here are a few tips to make your visit special.

Try out the local cuisine

Dip your fingers into a Goan thali with its coconut-based curry, freshly caught fish, locally grown rice and vegetable and an array of seafood preparations to truly understand the satisfaction of an authentic Goan meal. Experience the tongue-tickling quintessentially Goan chicken Xacuti whose secret blend of spices has been handed down the generations. Experiment with Vindalho, Sorpotel, Caldin and Bebinca while you trace the history of Portuguese rule in Goa. 

Try out the local drinks

The strong of heart must try the potent Caju Feni and Coconut Feni with their distinctive flavours that people travel around the world to experience in Goa. It is the magic in many a Goan cauldron from which erupts spontaneous song and dance. If you prefer a refreshing post-meal drink try sol kadi made from coconut milk and kokum.  

Stay in a luxury villa in Goa

Why stay in a hotel when you have a choice of villas in Goa to cater to your luxurious tastes. Choose a three to four-bedroom villa and enjoy the feeling of owning your own little piece of paradise. No more sharing the pool with strangers, just enjoy the romance of your own indulgent private space.

Slow down the pace      

When in Goa practice what the locals call “susegado”, which means to take things easy and experience life to the fullest. The best way to experience it is to take an early morning bicycle tour, meander around the village, witness small scale rural enterprise, soak in the stories of the locals over a cup of tea, beat the afternoon heat with a siesta and end the day with an awe-inspiring view of the sunset from a beach or hilltop. 

Put on your dancing shoes

Come sunset you will find many interesting places to dance the night away, from retro tunes to trance, find a club that suits your mood. If you prefer exploring the classical and traditional music of Goa head to the capital and be surprised by the variety of performances you can attend.  

Take a few days off from the beach

Although the beaches are the most fun places to chill out at during a holiday, don’t miss out on the hidden beauty of the hinterland. You just might land up falling in love with Goa and spend your entire trip checking properties for sale in Goa.

Travel in time

Don’t miss out on the historical heritage and archaeological sites in Goa, it is definitely the best way to understand the uniqueness of this little state. 

Be mindful of the local customs and traditions 

As with any tourist place remember that the locals have their own customs and traditions and if you are unsure of what is appropriate just ask the closest Goan. 

Go prepared

Goa is quite hot in the summer and the nights in winter can be a little chilly. Expect rains during the months from June to October,  so check out the expected weather before you pack your bags.

Savour your trip

Don’t try to check all the boxes in one trip, Goa is a destination to be savoured and understood over a few trips. 
G.K. Chesterton said, “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”. The best way to visit Goa is to ditch the preconceived notions and explore it like a child. You just might find beauty and friendship where you least expect it. And if you do, consider making Goa your second home with a luxurious Kasu Villa.

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