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Now more than ever, people are looking forward to the ending of this year and the heralding in of the new one. Many people are planning to let their hair down and party in Goa. A safer option this year would be to avoid the crowds and plan a private party in your luxury villa in Goa. Don’t get intimidated by what might seem like a mighty planning exercise. Check out these great party ideas to have well organised yet epic Christmas and New Year’s parties.

1: The Ambience

Start with the ambience as that is the first thing that your guests will experience when they arrive at your party. If it’s a New Year party, it means no holds barred. Decide on a theme from elegant and sophisticated to wacky and over-the-top. This is the kind of party that calls for loads of lights and decorations. Lighting will set the mood of the party so consider hiring some intelligent moving light units to create fun and funky effects. Move the furniture around to create a lot of open spaces as well as mark off a designated dance floor. 

2: The Music

Creating a party playlist involves some amount of planning, so don’t wait for the last minute to wing it. You’ll want some light music, for listening pleasure, to welcome your guests at the start of the party. List popular dance music in different languages and genres.  Play this when all your guests have arrived and imbibed enough to overcome their inhibitions to dance in public. At the stroke of midnight, you can choose between traditional Auld Lang Syne or something more animated. Don’t forget to add some chilled vibe for when the party is winding down in the early hours of the morning. If it sounds like too much of a hassle hire a DJ to keep your guests entertained all night.

3: The Bar

It goes without saying that this will be a very important aspect of your party and needs to be planned well. Consider what your guests are most likely to drink and stock up in excess on those options. Then add in wines, liqueurs, malts and special blends for those with particular and discerning tastes. Organize a bartender who can also make exciting cocktails and ample amounts of glassware to make sure that no one is left without a drink.  

4: Karaoke

When your friends want to take a break from the frenzied dancing and chill with a few drinks, offer them the option of Karaoke. It’s a great way for people who don’t know each other to bond and adds the groove that every party needs. Kickstart the karaoke act with older, popular music that everyone knows and soon everyone will be bopping along.

5: Projection Screen

An outdoor projection screen can add extra oomph to your party. You can project images that enhance the music experience or videos of all the fun times you have had with the guests who are present. You can go with trippy images or carefully curated images of art installations from around the world.

6: The Food

Getting a caterer to whip up some fantastic finger food is a preferable option, or you could go with asking your friends to bring along their signature dishes and have a potluck. If you would prefer to have theme food then hiring a chef is a great idea and you will have food available on-demand throughout the party.

7: Other Activities

Plan a treasure hunt for your guests if you want to do something for the folks who are not into drinking and dancing. Even a bonfire in the backyard or by the pool will give people an opportunity to wind down with cosy conversations under the starry skies. While you are getting your villa in Goa prepared for the party don’t forget three important needs, parking, a space where people can safely leave their bags, and a well-stocked bathroom with soap, towels, toilet paper rolls and air freshener.

Make your parties memorable this holiday season. This is the end of a year where we collectively helped each other to overcome difficulties. This is the time to make resolutions to cherish your friendships and celebrate life. 

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