Why Kasu


Kasu brings style and luxury to vacation-styled living in North Goa


To own a Kasu home is to acknowledge and appreciate Design, Quality and Class


Each project at Kasu is passionately designed and executed like it were our own Home


Kasu prides itself on highly ethical and transparent business values and processes


Kasu’s Design and Aesthetic sense is unparalleled in the industry


At Kasu, we believe that Quality should never be compromised

Kasu and Affiliates

Awards & Accomplishments

Best Luxury Villas Project

Best Luxury Villas Project

2018, Kasu Vana
International Brand Equity Awards

Upcoming Builder Of The Year

Upcoming Builder Of The Year

2018, Kasu Assets
Quikr Homes Real Estate Awards

Guinness World Record

Guinness World Record

2012, Nchant3D
For the most number of Simultaneous 3D holograms
Client: Shri Narendra Modi, BJP Gujarat

Greenest Commercial Project & Best Commercial Project

Greenest Commercial Project & Best Commercial Project

2012 & 2013, Primal Group
CNBC Real Estate Awards

Leed Platinum Certification

Leed Platinum Certification

2011 & 2013, Primal Group
Indian Green Building Council

9 Million Sq. Ft. Developed

9 Million Sq. Ft. Developed

Primal Group
Developed two of Bangalore’s largest Tech parks – Ecospace & Pritech Park.

Key Statistics

Total Land Developed 0 + Acres
Total Built Up Area 0 Million Sq. Ft.
MNC Clients 0 +

The Kasu Advantage

At Kasu, we understand that all your senses need to be pampered to feel completely at home. We assure you that your Kasu luxury villa in Goa will be your ideal retreat away from home. Kasu’s commitment to future homeowners is a delightful experience, making the process of buying and thereafter maintaining a holiday home a painless one for you.

Kasu Concierge

Fulfilling your dreams is our priority. Kasu’s dedicated Guest Services Team will go that extra mile to ensure that your needs are effortlessly met – be it a Sunset Cruise, a reservation for a special dinner, or a lazy massage in your own home.

Rental Management

Private properties in Goa have a large potential to secure high rental returns for the owners. Kasu will meticulously guide and assist you with all the procedures to market your home and thereafter, give a seamless experience to your guests.

Interior Design Packages

Kasu’s attention to detail goes above and beyond just selling a bare shell. We have several tastefully curated Interior Design Packages for you to choose from that include everything from Kitchen Accessories to Furniture.

Maintenance & Housekeeping

Look forward to arriving at your home each time while our maintenance and housekeeping team work towards keeping your home flawless even while you are away.

Our Values

Kasu is built on values such as Quality, Transparency, Design and Customer Relationships – aiming to set a new market standard in the Real Estate Industry.

Our Core Values Are

Form follows function: Taking top priority, design to us is not just aesthetic but is practical. We believe that each of our vacation homes in Goa must inspire and relax the dweller.

Things of quality have no fear of time: Quality speaks for itself. This is a value that we live and work by.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life: Each and every one of us is dedicated to achieving the very best in what we do.

Good service is good business: All our effort is directed towards ensuring a happy customer. Good service and good business go hand-in-hand.

Honest hearts produce honest actions: Being open and honest is as important to us as it is to you.


The Team

All of Kasu’s projects are managed by a highly experienced and committed Management Team of Directors. Equipped with excellent domain knowledge and extensive cross-function experience, the team at Kasu strives to cater to a niche market of high net worth individuals.



To have an adventurous life, we have to lose the fear of failing – which is what Reddy did almost 3 decades ago when he pioneered first-mover enterprises in Bangalore back in 1991. The serial entrepreneur was one of the earliest developers to enter the residential segment, the starting point to an illustrious business career. Since then, Reddy has diversified into FMCG, IT technology and commercial real estate with the same passion for excellence and innovation that has made him a force to reckon with.

Kasu V. Rajagopal Reddy crossed paths with the Goan real estate market while indulging in one of his greatest passions – travel. After having travelled extensively to over 80 different countries, Reddy found an opportunity for high-end real estate still in its infancy in Goa, and capitalised on it by understanding the complexities and intricacies of buying and maintaining a vacation home. Thus was born his eponymous high-end real estate legacy.

Though he’s almost 30 years into his inspirational journey as an entrepreneur and businessman, Reddy’s determination to turn vision into reality remains unwavering. As an active Director in Primal Projects Pvt. Ltd, he continues to live by his personal motivational philosophy to “Think Big.”



What sets a Kasu property apart from the competition is its visionary architecture, complemented by form, function, and high-end luxury. Behind it all, is architect and designer Dhruthi Kasu Reddy. Although Dhruthi currently spearheads operations for Kasu in Goa, she found her professional beginnings with Musion Holograms India (formerly known as Nchant3D) back in 2012. While there, she worked alongside a team of professionals to win her company a Guinness World Record for the most number of simultaneous broadcasts of a 3D hologram during Narendra Modi’s election campaign in 2012. Three years later, she decided to branch out on her own and begin her entrepreneurial career. 

A philanthropist at heart, Dhruthi was looking for a way to reach out to those who were less fortunate and found a way to do that by using her industry connections to bring together celebrities, fans and charities. With the launch of VynVyn in 2015, she was able to make her philanthropic dream come true and has since contributed to various social causes through the foundation.

 Dhruthi is best described as a perfectionist and a go-getter, and it is this particular skill set that puts her at the helm at Kasu Assets. Using her creative and technical training, she makes the Kasu vision a reality, while bringing high design and quality to the products delivered. Much like her father, through her mantra of “Intelligent and Seamless”, she is able to set a new standard in the high-end luxury search and sell experience for vacation homes in Goa.



Jyotsna Kasu Reddy knows that change is inevitable, and has taken it upon herself to keep evolving and challenging herself. Like her sister Dhruthi, she too kick-started her career at Musion Holograms India (formerly known as Nchant3D), a solely licensed counterpart of Musion Holograms London. Till date, Jyotsna handles all aspects of Musion’s operations in the country, from sales to technical execution on the ground. Musion Holograms is renowned for creating holograms of countless dignitaries and celebrities the world over.

Keeping her family legacy in mind, Jyotsna actively handles the sales and marketing aspects for Kasu in Goa. With her extensive experience in the field, she is able to handle client expectation and delivers on point. The Indian real estate industry can be very demanding, but Jyotsna handles it with her unparalleled charm and flair – qualities that make her an indomitable force at Kasu. Together with her sister, they are the bearers of the Kasu name in Goa and across India. 

Jyotsna hopes to make an indelible mark on the real estate market, with the aim to make Kasu the leading brand of high-end luxury homes. Although she effortlessly handles her roles at both Kasu and Musion, her mind and her heart are focussed forward toward her own dreams of entrepreneurship and business. But knowing that “experience is key”, she’s doing everything she can to keep learning and persevering. 

Story of Kasu Homes

The earlier roots of Kasu can be dated back to 1999, when V. Rajagopal Reddy launched an I.T. Infrastructure project company named “Primal Projects Pvt. Ltd.”, which went on to build and deliver 9 million sq. ft. of office space in one of Bangalore’s largest tech parks- “Ecospace” and “Pritech Park”.

He also founded “Nchant3D” which is now known as “Musion Holograms India”, of whose services and technology were first used in the country for the state election campaign of the present Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in 2012, which was followed by the deployment of the same technology in the Prime Ministerial election campaign in 2014.

In 2016, Mr. Reddy realized that his actual wealth of expertise lies in the Real Estate sector and started expanding to other states. He saw an opportunity in the tourist state of Goa – to build and sell lifestyle vacation homes in Goa.

Mr. Reddy saw the demand for such homes in metropolitan cities and decided to start “Kasu Assets Development Pvt. Ltd.”. Being led by his two daughters, Dhruthi and Jyotsna, Kasu brings style and luxury to vacation homes in Goa. Each project at Kasu is passionately designed and executed like it was our own home.