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bold decor ideas

When we think about it, our bedrooms are probably the most favourite room in our houses because of the amount of time we spend in it. This is the special place in which we feel secure, relaxed and pampered. In the endeavour to create a serene personal haven, it would be easy to decorate the bedroom in tried-and-tested pastels. But if you think about it, there is something alluring about a room that is bursting with colour. A room that defies the norm and celebrates its uniqueness. A room that says “I am bold, and this is me”

Waking up is not the most fun thing to do for most people especially when you have to leave a cosy bed and head to work. Create a bedroom that is fun, energising, and mood-boosting to make the process easier. Since bold colours and light affect our mood positively, there is a strong case for a colourful bedroom. A bedroom in bold colours can be stylish, vibrant, romantic, cheerful and most importantly- trendy! If you are planning to decorate the bedrooms of your luxury villa in Goa here are a few ideas to try out.

#1 Use Jewel Colours and Tones

These are colours with high saturation and are dynamic and eye-catching. They are so-called because they are derived from gemstones. Colours included are sapphire blue, ruby red, emerald green,  amethyst purple, citrine yellow, amber yellow and turquoise. Decorating with jewel tones makes a seriously bold statement. The trick is to avoid turning it garish while creating an impact. Keep them sophisticated and visually soothing by choosing shades that aren’t too bright and muting the tones

#2 Use Bold Colours As An Accent

If you have a bedroom in white, use pieces of furniture in bold colours to create a contrast or add in simple and functional decorative elements to create a fun vibe. Just by introducing a bold and colourful piece of accent furniture, a space can become super cheerful. Choose pillow covers, throws, bed covers, rugs, artwork and other accessories in bold colours. You can also add panelling in brighter colours to a room that is mostly muted in white or pastels.

# 3 Accent one wall in a bold colour

Introduce pops of colour with one wall or a part of it in a bold vibrant colour to contrast the rest of the room. A single field of colour can highlight a room’s best assets. A deep colour can also become the backdrop to whatever is in front of it. Bold blue, hot pink, bright red or grass green, you will find that a range of colours can make a difference in how gorgeous and indulgent your bedroom looks. Use paint or wallpaper to make your daring statement. Perhaps peacock blue will catch your fancy.

#4 Try The 60-30-10 Rule

If you are not sure about how much is too much then use this simple rule. Basically, you use a dominant colour for about 60 per cent of the room. Use a recessive colour for 30 per cent of the room and an accent for 10 per cent.

#5 Use Accent colours

Bold colours work best when they play off an accent colour as by themselves they can be overwhelming. Saturated hues are best completed with one or two complementary hues from the colour wheel. These accent colours break up the room a little while still adding visual interest.

#6 Don’t Forget Neutrals

Neutrals are your secret weapon when you have your mindset upon bold colours. These hues provide a space for your eyes to take a respite and work best as a secondary colour. Neutral shades don’t have to be boring. Choose from grey, white, black, brown and metal finishes to add an extra layer of visual interest.

Bold colours in the bedroom can make an ordinary room look beautiful and fabulous. They can create a charming backdrop or a visual fantasy. Choose bold shades in your bedroom decor to make a modern, vibrant and fun style statement. Start creating your dream home with the perfect bedroom.

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