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What is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras, one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated in India, consists of two root words; Dhan means wealth and teras means thirteen. As the name suggests this auspicious day is celebrated on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha (dark lunar fortnight or the waning moon) in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin. Also known as  Dhanvantari Trayodashi, Dhanteras is the first day that kick starts a five-day-long celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights. True to its name this is also a special day dedicated to the accumulation of wealth and the worship of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. 

Dhanteras and Prosperity

This festival is extra special because it is not only linked by legend to the goddess of wealth, but also to Ganesha, the god of knowledge, Dhanvantari, the god of medicine, and to a young princess who used intelligence and the practical use of wealth to outwit the god of death and save her husband. It was this combination that led to the understanding of the importance of hygiene and health, intelligent accumulation of wealth, and the general prosperity and happiness of the household. This was demonstrated with rituals of cleaning the house and buying of gold and silver items, coins, and jewelry on this day to further invoke the deities to provide prosperity and well being.   

Look beyond the Gold

Historically gold has been considered a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and luck but with the times and varying rates of appreciation, wealth has also come to encompass houses, plots, and other forms of real estate. It is now considered equally auspicious to buy a house and better still a luxury villa on Dhanteras. Any such purchase whether of gold or of property is said to flourish and prosper tenfold and we already know that the value of properties for sale in Goa has consistently been on the rise. So it looks like this Dhanteras is the right time to invest in the luxury real estate market in Goa and in the process find your dream home. 

Luxury Villas:

Luxury villas in Goa are the preferred form of investment for those investors looking to achieve both short and long-term financial goals as well as to improve their asset portfolio. Investment managers suggest the following when you are considering a luxury villa in Goa this Dhanteras: 

  • Plan your budget well and much in advance, understand all the costs involved for the purchase of the villa, government taxes and registrations, and additional cost of its furnishings. 
  • If you are planning the purchase through a home loan, weigh your options from at least three different banks. 
  • Find a builder whose aesthetics you approve of and who comes with a strong reputation and recommendation. 
  • Find a builder who offers you the best returns on your investment and the best value for your money on the development. 
  • Make sure the location is in an up and coming locality and has a good resale value. 


What can declare health, wealth, and intelligent investment more than a luxurious villa surrounded by nature in one of the most beautiful parts of Goa?  Use this  Dhanteras as an auspicious time to invest in a property outright or give token money for its purchase and invite goddess Laxmi to step over the threshold of your home.  

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