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If it’s ‘vacation time’ and you aren’t close to sun, sand or sea, then something is off. Bricks, cement, panels, windows, ample room, and personal space, don’t make a vacation home.

Coastal interiors create an ideal setting for a vacation home. The natural location combined with the sound of waves, occasional flips of dolphins, serene siesta afternoons, and a bit of ‘flea market’ thrown in there, make it an incomparable vacation home destination.

This is exactly what the makers of Kasu Homes thought of when they selected Anjuna to set up quaint villas named Kasu Zama.

The villas are equipped with all things vacation. From private swimming pools and gardens to basalt stone structures that don’t form fungus due to coastal moisture.

The sound of waves creates mental wave patterns that soothe your brain and make you relax. Again, another key reason why coastal interiors are the perfect option for your vacation home.

Living close to a beach is calming and is magnified by the sun. The heat of the sun affects our endocrine which releases feel-good chemicals. Now imagine the view from the balcony. With nothing standing between your vacation home and the ocean, the panoramas make great Instagram selfie fodder.

The inside-outside experience is a win-win. If you are well-rested and energized inside the vacation home, the outer activities such as windsurfing, parasailing and deep-sea diving will get your adrenaline pumping.

There is a scientific benefit as well. Vitamin D from the early morning sun boosts the immune system. Just imagine the amount of good a morning walk to the beach, along with a swim could do your body.

So many of us crave a good night’s sleep. The everyday hustle and bustle at work along with other chores can lead to a physical breakdown. The air close to the sea can charge healthy negative ions that help absorb oxygen. The negative ions help balance serotonin (a chemical that influences stress and mood).

For the creative types, coastal interiors provide the perfect setting for some natural inspiration. With work from home the new norm, the vacation home can easily become your new office. With family, friends, good food, and numerous weekend activities to choose from, the timing is perfect to own a vacation home.

Not all of us are lucky to live near salty waters, let alone stay in a vacation home. The opportunities to do so are few. Kasu Homes are the best place to seek that opportunity.

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