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The monsoon season lends many free weekends as the downpour limits the outside activity. And for those who love sprucing up their living spaces, this is an ideal opportunity to put thoughts to life. And who said redecorating needs to be expensive? All it needs is a creative eye and some bare essentials. And that’s enough to turn a dull living room into a vibrant abode. There are many interesting ways to beautify your dream abode. Here’s a small compilation of 7 simple & cheap DIY projects for your home that can make it jazzier and chic.

1.Glass Bottles as Money Plant Holders
This is hands down the quickest and easiest DIY project there is to brighten up your room’s appeal. Other than looks, the viridescence in plants also boosts your mood, increases your creativity, lessens stress, brings serenity and maintains indoor humidity levels. It also naturally filters air pollutants amongst many other positive things. Single healthy ‘stem cutting’ of money plant can be used to grow it in glass bottle/jar filled with half or one third full of water. Leave it next to a grilled window and let it crawl around the grills to give your window-area a nice earthy appeal.

Money plant in a Glass Bottle
Wine bottle used as Table Decor Piece

2.Wine Bottles as Table Decor Pieces
Ever wondered what to do with all the Fratelli and Sula wine bottles that were the reminders of a fun weekend with friends? Keep them as memoires in the center of your room! Wrap them in yarn (jute strings) from top to bottom to create rustic table decor that jells awesomely with most table themes. You can source jute yarn at any local grocery store. It is probably one of the most elegant yet cheap diy projects for your home you can make. Of course, there’s a lot of scope to innovate in designs and come up with your own collection.

3.Wine Bottles as Accent Lights
If you’re done with the centerpieces and still have a few bottles left, this makes for the next best and simple DIY idea to spruce up the mood around your desk or bed space. In fact, I find empty wine bottles a lot more versatile than one would think. Fill them with string lights (also called fairy lights), and voila you’ve got yourself a delicate touch of accent lighting.  Make sure you wash the bottle thoroughly and let it dry. Peel off all the labels from the bottle and lower the extreme end of the fairy light into the hole drilled in the wine bottle. You will ideally want to use one full string per bottle.

Glass jar with Fairy lights

4.MDF Photo Corner
Photographs always add a personal touch to a living space turning a house to a home within minutes. With an MDF Photo Corner, you can showcase your favorite photos in a unique presentation. All you need for this amazing showpiece are 4×6 inch blocks of MDF or scrap wood, paint, foam paintbrush, photos, strap adhesive and adhesive strips designed for hanging art on walls. Use a foam brush to apply paint to the front and sides of one wood block. Repeat the same with other blocks. Once dry, mount the photos using spray adhesive. Stick each photo on the painted side of each block. It’s easier than you think. Get creative and paint away!

5.Headboard Art
You can accentuate the look of your bedroom with some headboard art to infuse a vibrant feeling in your place of peace. Use framed photo or art prints to fill up the wall behind a bed, an arrangement that doubles as a headboard. You can create a grid like look, using square frames and hanging them close together, leaving about 2-3 inches between the frame edges.

Headboard Art

6.Books as Art
In this world of technology, with Kindle and IPad reigning the roost, we still find beauty in sprucing a room with age-old, hand held books. Put together a collection of your old books with fun covers. For those books which are tattered, tear off the covers and hang them inside frames for a very personal literary-themed wall art installation. If you want to split the covers from the book, you can always scan the covers and print it on photo paper.

7.Plates as Wall installation
Platters made of porcelain make form an offbeat yet elegant wall arrangement. Varying shapes, textures and sizes from an intricate and attractive decorative theme as per your individual preference.  Position the most dramatic plate in the center. Attach wire plate hangers and hang plates on picture nails. And you thought you could only use plates for food decor!

Plate Decor on wall
Flowerpot Decor

8.Tissue Covered Pots
My favorite, colorful, fun and easy method of livening up the mood of your home. Moving away from the traditional method of painting flower pots, this unique and cheap diy projects for your home using different colored tissue paper offers an effective way of highlighting the cacti of you home with the colors of the rainbow.

If you look closely, all the items used in these decorative pieces are very easy to source and simple to put together. So the next time there’s a downpour over a weekend, don’t be disappointed. Even if the cable connection deceives you, these ideas will always give you company and keep you busy. And we promise, the end of the weekend will always be sweet!

Good Luck!

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