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Have you invested in a luxury villa in Goa? The wonderful warm weather and rich red soil lend to perfect gardening spaces. Indulge in a hobby that is fun, relaxing and will help you understand the Susegado vibe that Goa is famous for. This is the perfect time to fill your outdoor space with colour and fragrance by planting a flower garden and turning it into a green oasis.

Whether you plan to plant in flower beds, in pots or in porch containers, begin your journey with an understanding of which local flowering plants will thrive in your space and provide you with year-round foliage and blooms. Also, remember to prepare the soil in advance and check out the sunlight in your chosen planting location. Here are a few flowering plants to add to your garden.

1. Roses

Roses are surprisingly hardy plants. There are over three hundred species to choose from and an interesting array of colours. They can flower throughout the year. Roses look lovely in crystal vases in the home, so grow varieties that can complement your interiors as well. 

2. Bougainvillea

They are a great tropical plant that is not only hardy but can be used to make creative and colourful floral patterns in your garden. Bougainvillaeas are an evergreen climber plant that will give you bright colourful and cheerful blooms throughout the year with a minimum effort.

3. Hibiscus

Also known as the shoe flower, hibiscus plants come in a variety of colours and petal options. These bright and vividly coloured flowers cheer up a garden instantly and will provide you with your own source of refreshing and medicinal hibiscus tea. They also require minimal maintenance.

4. Lantana

The Lantana plant grows as a shrub and produces flowers which are a combination of vibrant colours. They attract butterflies and are a great addition to your garden. Make sure to include the ones which have yellow and orange as they are very appealing. They do well in warm climates with well-drained soil.

5. Adenium

Popularly known as the desert rose, these flowering plants are often turned into bonsai. They have an elegant look and come in interesting shades of red. Adenium does need a little more care as it is not as hardy as the plants mentioned before but their pretty flowers make the effort worthwhile. 

6. Kalanchoe

This flowering plant will give you bright flowers in yellow, red, pink and orange which grow in bunches and will look like little bouquets in your garden. They grow up to twelve inches in height and require very little maintenance. Just plant them in well-draining soil in an area with a lot of light.

7. Jasmine

No flowering garden is complete without the sweet and exotic fragrance of Jasmine plants. It is an evergreen and native shrub so maintenance will be minimal. The flowers are also very pretty but it is their fragrance that is most desirable.  

8. Marigold

These bright orange and yellow flowers can brighten anyone’s day. They are used abundantly in festivals like Diwali and having your own blossoms growing in your backyard will make every day feel festive.

Having a private flower garden can be an absolute joy. It provides a calming retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and is soothing to the senses. If you are not used to gardening, start small with a couple of plants and over time you will grow to love the corner of solitude that you have created for your home.

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