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The initial stage of buying a luxury dream home is fraught with agents, site visits, documents, lawyers, stamp duty, taxes and registration charges. With planning, foresight and a reputed builder, the process can be quick and painless. Once you’ve moved from checking out villas for sale in Goa to investing in a luxurious development, it’s time to lend your personality to your house and turn it into a home. Deciding on furniture can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Here are a few recommendations for the basic furniture that you need to make your home comfortable and hospitable.

The Living Room 

The Living Room Sofa

The living room is the heart of the home, it’s where you unwind after a long day, curl up with a good book, enjoy family movie nights, savour a glass of wine and entertain your guests. Since your living room is used in so many ways, it’s important to accent it with the right sofa to satisfy your needs as well as show off your design aesthetic. Start by measuring the space in which you want to place the sofa. Look for style options and colours that will complement the shape and colour of your living room. Ensure that the frame of your sofa is made of hardwood to prevent warp and wobble. The joinery, springs, reclining mechanism and padding of a sofa are also important factors to be kept in mind. The cushions should be firm and resilient yet luxurious and comfy. 

The Bedroom

The Bed

Not just an essential, your bed is also the piece of furniture that you spend the most time in. A comfortable bed will ensure a good night’s sleep after a long and tiring day. There is plenty to think about when choosing a good bed. Consider the size of your bed depending on your height and the size of your bedroom, decide on storage and mattress type depending on your needs. This is one piece of furniture that you must try before you buy. Your bed requirement will differ depending on your weight, build and health requirements if any. Take your partner along to check what is suitable to both of you. Choose a headboard depending on the style statement that you intend your bed to make. For the guest bed room pick a stylish bed that is firm and comfortable as well. It is best to buy a new mattress at the same time as your bed. Remember, you spend a third of your life in bed so don’t compromise on the quality of your bed and mattress.

Wardrobe and Chest of drawers 

Why choose between the two when you can have both. These pieces of furniture are functional yet can change the visual appeal of a room just with their design. Decide on the amount of storage you need before taking a call. Your guest bedroom may need only minimal storage but make sure that your personal spaces have ample furniture options for storage. Match the style of your wardrobe with the existing decor of your bedroom furniture, opt for colours that look seamless and sleek and make the room look spacious.

The Dining room

The Dining Table

The dining room table is the de-facto gathering place in most homes, after all it’s where the food is. This is a must-have if you entertain friends and family. You can get away with eating on your sofa only for a little while and besides you don’t want to risk spills. When you choose a dining table, consider how your family may expand in the coming years and how many people you would entertain for a formal sit down at one time. Also bear in mind the size and shape of your dining area. Choose a sturdy and comfortable table with matching chairs which can look formal, functional, or funky depending on the rest of your decor. 

Once you’ve got your basic pieces of furniture in the house you can add accent pieces and accessories to go with your theme. Smaller pieces of furniture can be moved around, art and soft furnishing can be changed, but your bigger purchases will be around for a much longer time. Take your time to make your picks, after all, it is you who will decide what makes your new house feel like a home

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