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MonsoonWhether you’re a pluviophile who loves the rain or someone who detests the wet, whether you live in an airtight luxury villa or an occasionally leaky Portuguese house, the monsoons bring a definite change to the way we have to deal with life in Goa. For four months our lives move to a different rhythm. Rainwear, leaky roofs, damp clothing are the order of the day. The change in weather and lower temperatures during the monsoon also means that most of us are susceptible to various illnesses. 

So what can one do to boost immunity while chilling at your beautiful luxury villa during the monsoon in Goa?  A simple commonsensical approach will ensure that most of us remain as healthy as possible, more so in these times of Coronavirus.

Here are seven tips to help keep you fighting fit during the monsoon in Goa. 

Lifestyle and dietary changes

Lifestyle and dietary changes of a seasonal nature can be made by us, to begin with. While we all love our sugars and deep-fried snacks, reducing our consumption of these will go a long way in boosting our immunity. Our systems are vulnerable during the rains and it’s important to keep our diet healthy. 


It’s also important for us to get enough sleep. Eight hours a day helps knit our ravelled sleeve of care said Shakespeare and he was right. Turn off your screens a couple of hours before bedtime and let the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof of your Goan villa lull you to a more relaxed sleep.  

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene can’t be over-emphasized. It is inevitable to get splashed while walking around or stepping into dirty puddles. It’s necessary therefore to make sure you wash up after coming in from the rain. Damp clothes, not changed in time, can lead to fungal skin infections and should be avoided.

Treat Seasonal Ailments

Don’t ignore seasonal ailments and infections. The common cold, flu, throat infection are common during the monsoon in Goa and should be treated at the earliest. 

Eat Indian Food – Really!

Indian cuisine is full of healing ingredients. Turmeric, ginger, almonds, spinach and other leafy greens are great for our immune system. Include fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C to stave off coughs and runny noses.

Drink Water

Even if you are residing in a premium property in Goa, ensure that drinking water is boiled or filtered as the monsoons also bring along a host of water-borne diseases.


Exercise regularly. It could be anything, from a short brisk walk to a session in the gym. Yoga is also a great option to keep the body fit. Living in a luxury villa such as the Kasu Vana or Zama means that you have ample space within the gated community to enjoy a brisk walk every day.

It’s rather easy to feel a little blue during the rains when one tends to be confined indoors, make sure to keep occupied whether it’s with a good book or a captivating TV – show but most importantly don’t forget to share these simple steps with family and friends visiting your beautiful luxury villa while doing a Goan dance in the rain.

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