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Kasu Zama Luxury Villa in Anjuna

When you live in a luxury villa like
Kasu Vana and Kasu Zama there is every likelihood that you will want to turn a corner of your backyard into a comforting, calming and relaxing yoga retreat. The best place to do yoga is in the outdoors where the fresh air boosts your brain function and improves your health. This is when a Goa house turns into a Goan home, with a special space in nature to recharge and heal your body, mind and spirit. 

The basics 

While you turn your amazing backyard space in Goa into a zen oasis you will need to start with the basics that every yoga practitioner uses. Clothing tops that list, and you will require comfortable and breathable apparel. Even though you are out on your deliciously soft lawn a yoga mat is a must as it defines your personal space and creates traction for your hands and feet so that you don’t slip. Choose the length, thickness, material and durability as per your personal preference.  


To create a space that is dedicated to your health, tranquillity and emotional well being, you have to make it special and inviting. Being outdoors ensures that you can add potted plants that evoke calmness, for example, fragrant plants like Jasmine or Tuberose. Include a big cane basket to store your yoga props which can include straps, belts, blocks, bricks, blankets, wheels and bolsters.  Amp up the cosy levels with sheepskin rugs, throws and large cushions for your post-workout meditation session. If you are planning mid-day sessions, create a canopy with sheer curtains to diffuse the light and add an outdoor fan.


Light is incredibly important to our moods as well as to the practice of yoga and meditation. Take advantage of the beautiful dawn and dusk light that you experience if you stay at a property in Goa. If you prefer to practice post-sunset, then candles and tea lights with subdued lighting can set the perfect mood. 


From scented candles to burning incense, and heating essential oils avail of the benefits of aromatherapy during your sessions by strategically placing them in your secluded workout area. Aromatherapy is believed to stimulate brain function, boost the immune system, relieve muscle pain and eliminate stress. It also makes beautiful outdoor decor. 


Although the sounds of nature induce a sublime feeling of tranquillity, if you find that you need something specific to focus your breathing rhythms on, try playing meditative background music or installing a small fountain which will offer a similar soothing sound. 

Meditative items

Long time practitioners of yoga and meditation claim to use certain items which ground them. Try crystals, a singing bowl or mala beads – but don’t clutter up your space. Install a small rectangular table in one corner of your backyard and place a few items there. Hang chimes from the closest tree or place a small statue or artwork around to personalise your space and make it restorative as well.  Consider shells, river rocks or driftwood to improve the decor. 

Now that you have your own serene and peaceful yoga retreat all planned out, let the asanas begin! 

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