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Summer is the season on everybody’s mind. Whether you’re a sunshine aficionado or a beach person, or you’re up for an adventure, the summer season is all that everyone eagerly waits for. So since we’re approaching the season and if you’re a home designer by heart and you would want to add a tint of summer in your luxury villa in Goa, then here are some tips that can help you tweak your interiors.

Translucent curtains

kasu vana luxury villa in Goa

Start by hanging some breathable light fabric curtains like cotton, linen or even netted curtains so that the sunshine can filter through the spaces and brighten up your rooms. You could also add some pastel shade curtains to your doors and windows to give you that summery vibe. 

It’s a  season that brings to mind that glistening suntan, the heat, extreme temperatures, and adventure. Where lightweight and pastel shades could brighten up the rooms, you also need blackout curtains so that the coolness sustains in your living quarters, giving your luxury villa in Goa a pleasant temperature to live in. 

Indulge in Flowers and Gardening 

Nothing is better than having fresh flowers and plants in your home which can rejuvenate your mood every day. Speaking about rejuvenating, you could indulge in gardening and planting some flower saplings to add to the beauty of your luxury villa in Goa.

kasu vana luxury villa in Goa

Photo by Walter Sturn on Unsplash

Beautify your home by placing flowers or plants near your windows, or in the middle of the dinner table, in your balconies, outside your main door, etc. Flowers have the advantage to enrich your home decor and create a beautiful interior setting. 

Light up your summer nights 

kasu vana luxury villa in Goa

Adding light to your home can elevate the ambience and give you some magnificent summer nights. Some lanterns or candles can accurately serve as a perfect combination of lighting which can adoringly enhance your luxury villa in Goa and give you a different lighting experience. 

You can place them inside or outside your house or even your backyard where you can set up a love seat and enjoy stargazing at the clear summer sky. You can also adapt to solar lights since sunlight as a resource is abundantly available and you can save up on electricity costs as well. 

Engage in summer perfumes

kasu vana luxury villa in Goa

Photo by Ramakrishnan Nataraj on Unsplash

Imagine walking into a home that smells fresh and blissful at the end of a hot sweaty summer day. Engage in creating a multi-sensory environment as our brains are invigorated by colours, textures, and smells. 

An appropriate way is to add some candles which have fragrance, add some scent to the air conditioning, some incense, or some oil diffusers that can ignite your luxury villa in Goa and give it the perfect aroma and ambience it needs. 

Pile up some colourful pillows and some exciting wall hangings

Some of us take summer to be a time to play around, take a dip in the swimming pool or just relax in our cosy couch and read a book or watch a movie. Well, you can be creative while you’re relaxing on that couch this summer by pilling up some pop coloured pillows to give you the perfect summer feel. 

About adding some colour in your interiors you can indulge in some astonishing wall hangings or wallpapers that can complement the room arrangements of your luxury villa in Goa. 

kasu vana luxury villa in GoaEveryone around the globe knows that the best go-to place for summer is Goa. Having a Luxury villa in Goa is all that you’ll ever want to relish and have the best time of the year with your friends and family, and maybe some relatives when the summer holidays kick in. 

A Luxury villa in Goa with a swimming pool and a soothing environment is something that everyone dreams of. And having a luxury villa in Goa close to the beach is certainly a cherry on the cake. 

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