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Another new year is upon us and, for many of us, it means resolutions towards the change we’ve longed for – a fresh start, a new city, a passionate life, and that dream home. In an expansive country like India, the options for a big move may seem endless, but finding the perfect houses to buy in an ideal location, where one can be amidst nature without having to give up on a luxury urban lifestyle, can be a tough one. Goa has now, for this reason, become one of the most sought-after locations when it comes to buying premium homes in India. So, whether you already live here or not, if you are looking at 2020 being the year you finally buy a dream villa in Goa, then Kasu has just the right homes for you.

Coastal Villas in Anjuna, Goa

When you look for beach houses for sale in Goa, the competition is stiff and there aren’t really a zillion options out there. Recognising the niche demand for beach property for sale in Goa, we conceptualised a one-of-its-kind project of beach villas in North Goa – Kasu Zama

Beach Houses for Sale in Goa, Anjuna.

‘Zama’ signifies “peace and tranquility”, these premium coastal modern villas draw inspiration from their serene tropical surroundings in both interior as well as exterior design. With an innovative design that accentuates the experience of being in the fold of nature that surrounds you, these homes are personal havens of tranquility. So, if you’re looking for beach houses for sale in Goa, complete with a private swimming pool and garden, then our ‘Kasu Zama’ villas are just the right fit for you.

Luxury Villas in Assagao, Goa

Buy a Luxury Villa in Goa, Assagao.

Not everyone’s dream home is one that straddles the coast, especially if you’ve always lived near one or if you are a solitude-lover who doesn’t particularly enjoy the crowds that may come with it. For those who long for secluded serenity, the Kasu Vana villas may just be what you’re looking for. Tucked away in one of the untouched gems in North Goa, this truly exclusive project comprises of only 5 luxury villas in the picturesque heritage village of Assagao. 

With careful and intelligent design that is inspired by as well as preserves the rustic untouched feel of the village they are nestled in, these exclusive luxury villas blend seamlessly with the natural environment around them. What sets them apart, even more, is that these villas are the right balance between quintessentially Goan and unquestionably modern. 

Kasu Vana Luxury Villa in Goa, Assagao.

Endeavouring to keep curating and designing unique and exclusive luxury villas in Goa, there are new Kasu projects on the horizon. Stay tuned for information here.

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