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Kasu Sisters

Everyone wants a slice of the pie in the European quarter of India that Goa has become, but these ladies offer those interested in procuring real estate an additional topping of cream cheese!

Dhruti and Jyotsna Kasu came to Goa on holiday and saw a business opportunity that made them stay on. They saw hundreds of beautiful homes remain empty (and thus unprofitable) for the most part of the year whilst their owners were away. The two sisters drew up a plan to build and manage homes that would appeal to both their owners and holidaymakers looking for a combination of luxury living and eclectic experiences. 

The start of something new

Kasu Assets, their eponymously named outfit was designed to be a high-quality construction company building exclusive villas and also an asset management company to handle their renting out to those who could afford and want a slice of the good life. 

The sisters didn’t stint on quality either. They first roped in well-known architect Sameer Padora who used his skills to make his designs blend seamlessly into the local environment. They then sourced the best construction materials they could find. This attention to detail is what caused a change in the way people buy a villa in Goa. “If we realize that one goes on vacation to recharge, and to be closer to nature, our design should be conducive to this,” says Dhruti. 

Vana, their first venture located in picturesque Assagao broke ground in 2017 offering buyers just five limited edition forest villas. The following year Dhruti and Jyotsna began work on Zama, a fourteen villa project in Anjuna. This offered patrons a very private, yet community-style living experience. Two more properties are now also in the pipeline. 

Unmatched service, even after the sale

Theirs is an end-to-end service provider. Buying a villa in Goa doesn’t mean it’s got to be locked up. Instead, it’s rented out to discerning tourists, thus earning valuable income for its owners. Kasu builds and manages all their houses and prides itself on providing all home maintenance and management services in-house. As an owner, one needn’t even worry about coming home to an empty kitchen and dusty rooms. Kasu’s five-star styled concierge services take care of stocking up for you. 

The real estate sector in India is today worth $120 billion and Goa can hope to lay claim to a sizeable chunk of this market. Kasu is definitely giving the discerning buyer an option they can’t refuse.

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