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As we get into the thick of summer, it’s starting to get really hot outside. In fact, certain areas in Goa such as Anjuna where the beautiful Kasu Vana is located, it gets much hotter than areas such as Assagao where Kasu Zama is located. These beautiful luxury villas are well equipped with air conditioning to handle even the harshest summer, however, if you also live in a luxury villa but are looking to lessen the load on your electricity by keeping your home naturally cool, then we have a few helpful tips for you.


Since Goa is a coastal state, more than just being hot, it also gets really humid. This humidity can make closed spaces seem extremely claustrophobic. A great way to prevent this from happening is to dehumidify your living spaces by installing dehumidifiers in the rooms. These are easily available online and have the added benefit of keeping your rooms dry and mould free later during the monsoon.  

Decrease the amount of sunlight

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but worth a mention. By using layered or blackout curtains, we can reduce the amount of sunlight coming into our homes, and in doing so, reduce the amount of heat generated. If you feel that heavy curtains might be difficult to clean, you can go with an all-natural look by installing wooden blinds instead.

Shift your cooking times

This might sound a little confusing, but it’s advisable to avoid cooking in the afternoons when it is the hottest. Cooking indoors increases the amount of heat in the house, so it would make more sense to cook earlier in the day, in the evenings, or maybe even outside in a shaded part of the garden. Cooking outside is also the perfect excuse for a summer barbeque pool party! 

Cross ventilate

Earlier in the day, it would help to open windows that are across the room from each other. By doing so, you invite that beautiful summer breeze to cross ventilate your gorgeous luxury villa, and create a comfortable environment. Of course, as it approaches afternoon, you’ll need to close the windows because the Goa heat can get extremely intense post-mid-day.

Unplug unused appliances

Having appliances plugged in and turned on increases the amount of heat in the house – we bet you didn’t know that! So instead of keeping electronics plugged when they’re not in used, unplug them and use them only when they are required. Not only does this reduce the heat in the summer months, but if you practise this on a regular basis, you will see a significant reduction in your electricity bill.

Use exhaust fans

Do you have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom? Awesome! Run your exhaust fans during the hottest part of the day to suck out the heat from your home. Keep your bathroom doors open and let those little exhaust fans work their magic. It’s a simple tip, but extremely effective.

We hope these tips inspired you to drop the temperature in your house this summer the natural way. If you have a tip that you’d like to share, drop a line in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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