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India’s favourite “festival of lights” has just gone by and along with it the feverish decorating, shopping and partying activities that made it all the more fun. Light has a significant context across cultures in the world. It is associated with cosmic energy, knowledge, illumination and purity.  In Hinduism, it signifies welcoming in purity,  good luck and prosperity into the home and banishing darkness and unhappiness. In Islam, it signifies guidance and the way to God, who is light. In Christianity, it is a symbol of wisdom, hope and grace. With the deep significance around lights, don’t put away the festive lighting of your luxury home just yet, let the celebrations continue till the end of the year. 

Here are some interesting decor ideas to keep your dream home illuminated this festive season.

#1 Diyas

Traditional earthen lamps might be old school but are an integral part of Indian decor. Somewhere within their simplicity, ethnic design and the nostalgic aroma of burning ghee lies the spirit and vibe of  Indian culture. Diyas are also a gentle reminder to illuminate the soul by burning the needs of the ego.

Float diyas in the swimming pool of your luxury home, amidst strewn petals, to create a mystical and magical effect in your back yard. 

If you have little children, pets or are just worried about a smoke and fire hazard, then consider diyas that are lit with LED lights. They are just as pretty and can illuminate your space effortlessly. 

#2 Brass Bowls and lamps

Brass gives the impression of tradition and of grandeur. In an age of use and discard consumables, brass represents luxury and timelessness. Place tea lights and flowers in brass bowls either with or without water. The light that emanates is a soft mellow glow that provides a peaceful and royal ambience in your luxury home.  

Brass lamps can find a place to decorate beyond the puja room. They are an elegant lighting option that can adorn a rangoli design in the living room. Bedecked in fresh flowers, they make an alluring addition to any room. 

#3 Lanterns

Known as Akash Kandils, traditional Diwali lanterns are made with a wooden framework covered in colourful opaque paper, Christmas stars are also made of white paper on a bamboo frame. Chinese lanterns in paper and silk are also well crafted and graceful.

These lanterns are generally hung in front of the house. They can be store-bought or hand made and range from a simple craft to ornate designs. 

These pretty lanterns are not just decorative but also symbolic. Choose lanterns for your luxury home that resonate with your personal narration of joy and celebration.

#4 Fairy lights

Curtains of lights draped over the side of your dream luxury home can add enchantment to the decor. Rice lights, fairy lights or led lights are options depending on the design chosen. Strewn over the trees in your backyard they can look like fireflies in the night.

String lights create a mood of fancy and fantasy and what better time than the festive season to use them.

#5 LED lights

LED light strips may lack symbolism but they are quirky and versatile and can be used in different spaces. Line the walkways, or the deck around the pool with these strips to create an ethereal glow in the grass. 

There are so many creative lighting options to beautify a home during the festive season, scented candles, t-lights in potpourri and fairy lights in a bottle are some ways where you can fill even the little nooks with a glow of light.  

Whether you choose to illuminate your dream home with lavishness and grandeur or opt for being simple and understated, don’t forget the symbolism of light. May it invoke the spirit of festive celebration in your home and bring peace and happiness into your heart. 

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