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Monsoons in Goa are a dreamy affair (for some). Kids are disappointed that the holidays are over, and the wet landscape doesn’t help either. Adults are searching for last year’s usable umbrellas in the attic.

Traditional Goan homes have a coating of blue tarpaulin. Peacocks and peahens decide to give a guest appearance in certain Goan villages. Onion pakodas with tea is now everyone’s evening companion. This year there is no school, adults are working from home, and maybe we will appreciate monsoons a bit more through the pitter-patter on our windows. 

Although the pandemic has brought almost all commerce and transportation to a standstill, the lure of visiting Goa during monsoons is a romantic affair. Before we get to how living in Goa during monsoon beats anything out there, let’s take a look at some monsoon in Goa statistics.

Monsoon Madness in Goa

Monsoons in Goa shower between June and August. It could go until September as well as seen in recent years. Goa on an average receives close to 34 inches of rainfall in June, then 39 inches in July and drops to 20 inches around August.

Being a coastal state, rain clouds travel on from the Arabian Sea, hitting mountains along the giddying Western Ghats and gracefully showers on Goa.

The result – all three rivers of Sal, Zuari and Chapora are swollen. Ponds and cities get flooded.

Monsoons in Goa have been referred to in Bollywood movies as well. I am not quite sure if any monsoon songs were directed in Goa, but I do remember a song sung by the formidable Ushu Uthup Ji in the movie Bombay To Goa. If you haven’t heard it then check it out below. In fact, the trumpet solo in the song is performed by Goa’s very own George Fernandes.

‘Live the Monsoon’ in Goa

Every aspect of Goa during the monsoons is wonderful. The question is if visiting Goa in the monsoons is so good, then why not make Goa your vacation destination?

Think about it. On your next trip to Goa, spend some time inquiring about a vacation home. Don’t make it a special trip for business. Enjoy the best Goa has to offer and also book your dream home in the process. You may scoff at first. “Booking a home isn’t a piece of cake”. Well, there is a place where you can buy the most beautiful family retreat – Kasu.

Real estate is picking up (despite the economic downtime). But Kasu understands that. Your dream of living in paradise Goa and enjoying romantic monsoons every year will come true through Kasu. Imagine taking a dive into the pool, sipping on a pina colada, and capturing memories for posterity; all within the confines of your luxury house.  

Think about the peace and calm that you will experience in the quaint villages of such as Assagao and Anjuna. 

If a villa in North Goa is your choice, then take a glimpse of Kasu Vana. Nestled within an actual ‘vana’, these Kasu Homes are splendidly designed to capture the essence of a ‘natural getaway’. Anjuna is reserved for Kasu Zama. If Kasu Vana tempted you with a feel of the forest, Kasu Zama will entice you with a touch of coastal solitude.

Monsoon in Goa Checklist

Now that you know where to purchase your dream vacation home from, let’s switch focus back to the lovely Goan monsoons. If you are not in Goa and have made up your mind to travel to Goa by road during this monsoon, then check out the following pointers about monsoons in Goa.


Driving down to Goa won’t take as much time now thanks to probable lockdowns in intermittent cities. It is important to get a COVID test done at the border so do carry all your documents.

If you are also thinking of exploring Kasu Homes then carry your PAN card as well. If travelling to Goa is strictly about business, with a garnish of pleasure, then I reckon you check out the Kasu Partnership program for Realtors and Brokers as well.

Hotels are allowing guests at 30% occupancy, so it’s best you book your accommodation online.


The climate is cool during this time of the year. Goa is the greenest during its monsoon. Dudhsagar waterfalls would ideally have been a go-to-destination during rains, but the lockdown won’t let that happen.

Image Credit – Treks and Trails


Sao Joao, which is celebrated in June is the quintessential monsoon festival of Goa. 15th August is India’s Independence Day coincides with the Patolleanchem Festival.


Night clubs do stay open during the monsoon, with rain dances and parties taking full advantage of the pelting rain. The pandemic has put a halt to that as well though. Shacks are anyway shut during monsoons. Most of the fun activities have been curtailed by the pandemic. But Goa will rise from this and so will the entire world. 

Monsoons in Goa are nothing less than a romantic getaway. The only way to make Goan monsoons a long-lasting part of your life is by purchasing a vacation villa in Goa.

On a parting note, check this cool post on Goan local language (Konkani) monsoon songs.

Happy Monsoons!!!

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