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While moving into your new luxury home in Goa may be a life’s dream achieved, the reality of unpacking can be quite an unwelcome nightmare. Especially when you find yourself amidst a vertigo-inducing pile of boxes and bubble wrap to attend to, and little to no idea where to begin. Even if you are considering hiring packers and movers to help you with the actual labour-intensive part of the process, for even the least controlling of us, watching over it all can be an anxiety trigger. With just a little strategic planning though, the transition of your beautiful new luxury house into a dream home can be made a lot smoother. Here are a few tips on how to make unpacking easier.

Making unpacking your new home easier

Pack Smart

Let’s start at the beginning. If you want the move into your new home to be smooth-sailing, you’re going to have to work at it from the very start. One of the simplest strategies to facilitating the unpacking experience is to rethink organisation and categorisation terms such as ‘fragile’, ‘light’, and ‘fit that last little stray one wherever it goes’. 

So what does packing smart entail? 

Pack Smart

First off, organise. Sort everything you own into essentials, precious items, and trash. From there, take it one room at a time (just like you would when you unpack). You don’t want to put your bedroom linen with your pots and pans. Take it one step further, and sub-categorise everything you need to pack for each room. To make identification easier once everything is boxed, think labels, coloured tape or even coloured wrapping paper. 

Necessities first 

There’s one exception to the by-the-room rule. You are going to want to save yourself the trouble and make a carton of bare necessities. As much as we would like it to be otherwise, let’s face it, your whole new home will not be organised and ready in a span of a few hours, but you are going to need those sweatpants, basic bedding, essential toiletries, toys or books to keep those kids occupied, and some pet food handy for your furry friends (as well as for yourself)

The first thing to unpack before you begin unpacking

What to Unpack before unpacking

Now that you’ve got your essentials handy, the first thing you want to set up in the house is the bulky furniture and major appliances. That way you can grab yourself a glass of cold water from the fridge, whip yourself a quick bite, and get that much-needed power-nap after the tiring journey you will have had. 

Schedule time

When it comes to unpacking, like most things in life, time can be your friend. In order to make that unpacking easy, don’t cram it up into the tight schedule. Plan ahead and move over the weekend and take days off work if required. You can also get help or even a babysitter so you can do some things that are on your plate. 

Set realistic goals 

One cannot reiterate enough the importance of giving yourself the time and space to unpack over a longer duration of time. Take a week or more if required, but set yourself daily achievable goals. That simple move in itself will cut your anxiety by half. All you have to do is prioritise right. Start with the essentials of the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathrooms. Everything else can follow. 

There you go. A little strategic planning and the notion of unpacking doesn’t have to overwhelm you and take away from the joy of moving into your new luxury home. So what are you waiting for? 

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