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The year 2020 is ending and what a year it has been! Life is slowly trudging back to what is now a new normal. Most people just want to forget about the last twelve months and bring in the New Year in Goa, where the promise of warmth, great food, music, and fun is something to finally look forward to. If you have been looking at villas for sale in Goa now is the perfect time to make that decision and enjoy the festivities in the privacy and luxury of your own little slice of heaven.

To get you thinking in that direction, here are some interesting ways to ring in the New year in Goa. 

New Year In Goa: Parties

Parties have always been hot and happening in Goa and this year will not be an exception. You should definitely wear a mask, but don’t let that stop you from putting on your dancing shoes and heartily counting down the final seconds of the old year at a club or party venue. Check out which are the parties that play your favourite genre of music and make sure you book your tickets in advance.

New Year In Goa: Private Parties

Choose to have your own intimate private party if you already own a luxury villa in Goa. You will avoid the crowds and keep yourself safe at the same time. Decorate your private lawn and pool area with a fun and outrageous theme. Maybe you can have a masquerade party. Book a great DJ and caterer and start inviting your guest list now.

New Year In Goa: Dances

So you love to dance, but you prefer to go old school? There will be a great choice of formal dances in Goa where you can practice your waltz, jive and cha cha steps before boogieing the night away to both retro and current pop music. Do make sure that you carry a suit and tie or gown to gain entry to these dances as the dress code is quite strict. You will see a lot of locals at the formal dances so it’s also a great way of experiencing their culture.

New Year In Goa: Beaches

Looking forward to some peace and quiet with friends and family without being in the thick of it all? Head to a quiet beach and have yourself a little picnic. All along the beach, restaurants and shacks have fireworks displays that can even be seen from a distance and look just as mesmerising. Find a quiet spot, put down a beach mat, stock up on your refreshments and snacks and prepare to be amazed.

New Year In Goa: Hunt For The Old Man

The local youth of most Goan villages put an old man on display.  Stuffed with hay, in some uncle’s discarded trousers and shirt, the old man gets burnt at midnight to symbolize the discarding of the old and the welcoming in of the new. It is also a reminder to free ourselves from the negative aspects of life and start afresh. Drive around in the evening examining the creative figures but be prepared to donate a little towards the old man’s fund as the kids usually get themselves a treat with the money that they collect. 

New Year In Goa: Sailing

Many of the cruise services offer amazing cruise parties on New Year’s Eve. Bring in the New Year swaying to the rhythm of the waves. If you prefer something a little more intimate or private, hire a private vessel and enjoy bringing in the new year to the tunes of Old Lang Syne.

At the end of the day or year for that matter, it’s all about spending time with your loved ones. Choose anything between having a private party by your pool or going all out and dancing the night away. As you bid adieu to the old year and look forward to new beginnings, count your many blessings surrounded by hope, love and friendship.

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