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Christmas has become synonymous with celebrations regardless of religion. To many people, it is their favourite time of the year, to soak up the magic, exchange gifts and spend time with friends and family in the comfort of their luxury villas. To those young at heart, it’s also used as a great excuse to travel to destinations like Goa and party the nights away. With Christmas just around the corner, here are five real estate investment ideas that will brighten up the festive season and end the year on a high note.

#1  Commercial Real estate

Investing in commercial real estate is still a good idea despite the fact that many companies are now conducting their businesses online. Most commercial spaces are being redesigned to suit the new normal. One might order food online, but it still needs to be cooked and packaged into take-away from a central location. Groceries can also be bought online but they still need to be stored in a warehouse. Despite medical and hospital apps, patients still need to meet their doctors face to face. Due diligence must be done for commercial spaces as the investment is higher but so are the returns.

#2 Investing in Undeveloped Land

Land for development is one of the least expensive and most secure real estate investments at the moment. Although it is not easy to generate passive income from a piece of land, it is a great option as a long term investment as it will appreciate handsomely in the future. There is no fear of theft and damage or worry about maintenance. One must however be aware that agricultural land cannot be developed, land titles can be complicated, and property laws can get tedious.

#3 Farmland

Many millennials are disillusioned with corporate jobs and dream of owning a piece of agricultural or farmland and fulfilling their passion for farming. Farmland with a little cottage on it is also an excellent getaway on the weekend and can be rented out to similar minded people. An Investment in farmland is a great option for creating long-term wealth as it is a stable profit-producing asset. One of the most important advantages of investing in agricultural farmlands is that the income earned and the profit made from selling it is free from income tax. 

#4 Flats

Flats are a good investment both to rent and to resale. Buying a flat in a city is a great investment idea because there are always people migrating into cities who are looking to rent. Maintenance costs are lower than that for a house and with time one can get a decent ROI. The current market conditions are also conducive to buying an apartment as the interest rates for home loans are at an all-time low. 

#5 Luxury Villas

Villas are a great investment option when looking to invest in the luxury sector because they come with the freedom of an individual house as well as a better return value than an apartment. Another advantage of owning a villa besides privacy is the spaciousness of the home, with back yards, large living areas, and swimming pools. Luxury villas for sale like those by Kasu are located in premium locations and most often combine convenience and tranquillity. The ROI on villas is much greater than apartments not only because of the rising value of the land but also for the exclusivity and longevity of the building. 

According to real estate experts, there is much optimism and potential about investing in the residential and commercial real estate sector in 2020 and 2021. This Christmas, consider a luxurious real estate investment that will light up many more festivities to come.



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