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Goa continues to be one of the most favoured destinations in India for both domestic and foreign tourists. Although Goa is famous for its beaches, the inland villages are quickly catching up in popularity. Seen as a preferred destination for luxury real estate, it is becoming the second home to many people from across India. 

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to invest in luxury real estate in Goa.

# 1: Affordable prices

In comparison to the big metropolitan cities, the cost of real estate in Goa is not only much cheaper, but it is also available. One cannot imagine finding and affording a luxury villa in the heart of Mumbai or Delhi, but villas on sale in Goa can make those dreams come true. The luxury real estate market in Goa is stable for investors and end-users as there have not been instances of excess inventory and oversupply of projects left stalled or abandoned.

#2: Second Home

A sizeable number of people visit Goa multiple times a year, that they might as well set up a second home here. The desire for a calm and serene lifestyle makes it an ideal go-to location. It is increasingly also becoming a retirement destination for people from other parts of India as well as abroad. A luxury villa in Goa will not only provide a fantastic getaway space but will also be an investment that will appreciate with time.

#3: Return on investment

Villas in Goa provide a sizeable return on investment. Throughout the year people are looking for luxurious spaces in Goa that can provide them with exclusivity and privacy. Renting out your villa will ensure an ROI when you aren’t using it. The low cost of living will ensure that travelers are interested in visiting Goa throughout the year.

#4: Environmentally friendly 

There is almost no air pollution in Goa as compared to the metropolitan cities that are often covered with smog. Driving through Goa, one can still see paddy fields and mango orchards while coconut trees dot the landscape everywhere. The water bodies are not polluted and water problems are scarcely heard of. 

#5: Culturally inviting

Goa has become a melting pot and there is a large presence of a cosmopolitan, educated crowd. Unlike other parts of the country, there is no language barrier as almost everyone speaks English.

Real estate in any part of India, and especially Goa, has become a prized commodity. Considering that the supply is finite and demand is increasing by the day, those that are investing in property at the moment will be sitting on a gold mine in the near future. If you have been thinking about owning a luxury villa in Goa with the privacy of your own swimming pool, check out these quaint villas for sale in Anjuna

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