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Having a luxury villa in Goa with a swimming pool is not enough. You need to make that simple pool ‘the most extraordinary pool’ anyone can ever have. This will not only make you feel proud of owning an exclusive swimming pool but will also give you that exotic exterior to live in. 


You might be thinking landscaping your private pool might be expensive but there are some simple yet affordable landscaping ideas that you can adopt, and it all depends on your creativity and how you execute it. 

Here are some of the most creative and affordable landscaping ideas you might want to consider. However, before we start, you need to clean up the swimming pool deck, your lawn, pick out any unwanted weeds from the garden, grass or the potted plants, and of course discard all the dead plants.

Add some flowers and foliage  around the pool 

You might already have two or three potted plants around your so you can add some more volume to your greenery around the pool. Speaking about greenery, the more plants you have around you, the better it is when it comes to your health. 

The greenery around brings you and your home positive energy every day. Additionally, having flowers around the pool can complete your exotic pool. The lush green texture and flowers will give you a serene, yet lively luxury private pool. But make sure you choose plants that can adapt to Goan temperatures and those which do not shed a lot of leaves. 

Vacation home in GoaEngage in elegant Gazebos or Pergolas

Another great idea when it comes to your luxury villa in Goa with a swimming pool, is to engage in small gazebos which will add a tint of wood around the swimming pool giving you that natural charm. 

You can put some chairs and a table, a hanging chair or a rocking chair, and have your morning coffee or read the newspaper by the pool. Encompass some green vines on the gazebo pillars to give you that perfect Instagram story.

On the other hand, you can also indulge in Pergolas which look more elegant and gives you that perfect centrepiece for the private pool of your luxury villa in Goa. You can ornament it by adding some curtains that you can roll down, and have a barbeque party or dinner by the pool with your friends and family. 

Sand Pits around the pool 

A luxury villa in Goa with a swimming pool might not give you the exotic beach vibe but you can surely create one for the kids to play and feel like they’re having fun on the beach. 

You can build an enclosed space, dig it up a bit and put some sand into it and watch your kids have fun in the sand. Since Goa is very close to the ocean, sand is easily accessible. You can accessorize it with some amazing shells just to add that beachy touch.  

Kasu Vana Luxury Villa in Goa Rock Garden 

If you think maintaining the plants and grass around could be a task, well, in that case, you can install a rock garden or road formations along-side the pool. Try placing an arrangement of rock slate or granite in a way where they appear like stepping stones. 

You can also choose to have the rocks at one spot or you can create a border of rocks around the pool deck. Speaking about rocks you can also put in some rock pebbles and some plants on it to give your pool that rustic charm. 

Appropriate furniture & Lightings

A luxury villa in Goa with a swimming pool only looks complete if it has appropriate lighting like path lights, tree lights, pool lights, garden bench lights, filament lights, festoon lights, or even LEDs in the pool. These will brighten up and liven your pool in the nights.

Garnish your swimming pool with an amazing arrangement setting of wicker, timber, wrought iron or stainless steel. 

Imagine creating your own luxury pool space where you can spend leisure time on the porch, or meditate in your Gazebos, or have an amazing barbeque party by the pool with all these incredible landscaping ideas.

We hope you like our tips on landscaping ideas for your luxury villa in Goa with a private pool. Let us know if you have any more landscaping ideas in the comment below.

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