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It’s time to break the stereotype! Up until recent times, a “Season time” in Goa was between October to March, when the weather is not too harsh, there’s ample fish everywhere and festivities are in the air. But along with the weather, everything seems to be changing for the Indian and global tourist. The torrential rains don’t seem to deter the spirit of the traveler to Goa anymore; and for a good reason too!

Imagine this scenario – A person spending most of his time in the concrete jungles of Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Mumbai, walks into the lush greenery, flowing clean breeze and misty blessings from above – Doesn’t it seem like heaven on earth? It sure does. This is what Goan monsoon does to urban hearts – Makes itself irresistible! And hence, we have seen an increase in vacationers, campers and trekkers visiting this paradise situated in the Konkan coastal strip of India, below the Western Ghats.

The monsoon season in Goa is from June to September each year. Goa probably marks some of the highest showers in the country, but the topography is such that there’s almost never a case of flooding, which is a common curse for major urban areas. The terrain is made of slopes and soft mud, which absorbs water quickly or slides it off into the ocean. This keeps a typical Goan stress-free of travel even when there’s a downpour.


There are some compelling reasons why you should visit Goa during the monsoons –

1. The beauty and the scenes
From the ethereal beauty of the forts like Reis Magos or Chapora, to the mystic view of beaches like Vagator or Anjuna, the Goan topography is covered with a blanket of greenery and soft grey clouds. There is no wonder that many artists find their way to Goa this season to find their inspiration.
While you’re here, do visit the wildlife sanctuaries around Goa like Bondla, Mhadei or The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in monsoon.
Roads in Goa during the monsoons.

2. Travel is cheap

This is a season when airlines and hotels go on a discount spree! Some of the best deals get you as much as 50% off the MRP. So you can stay in some of the best star hotels at a very competitive price. Flights to metros can be as low as Rs. 4000 for a round-trip, which is a dream around the rest of the year!

So got a destination wedding or an event to plan? This might be your time to have a fabulous event at a fraction of a price.

3. Fetes in the rains  

Goa is an amalgamation of cultures as people from various religions and races coexist and thrive for generations. So there are festivities of some kind happening around the year. The fertility feast of Sao Jao is celebrated in June, while the festival of St. Peter is reveled in July when you can see interesting floating stages in the rivers. The entire Divar Island gets ready for the Bonderem festival as the entire island comes to life with cultural parades, colorful flags and performances by various bands.

So for those who thought Carnival or Shigmo are the only cultural festivals, you must visit Goa this monsoon to be truly amazed!

Sao Jao celebration in Goa.
Night parties in Goa.

4. The Night Life

The beach belts and the nightclubs are busy throughout the year. Infact there are special monsoon parties hosted by the leading clubs of Goa like, SINQ, Tito’s, LPK or Mambo’s. Some of the shacks also host parties and rain dances to keep their guests and tourists delighted.

5. Beaches and beach belts

As swimming in the sea is banned and there’s strict patrol, the beaches are mostly peaceful with marginal crowd. So keeping the safety in mind, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility, listen to the sounds of the waves and relax!

While the beaches are peaceful, the beach belts continue to be busy with punters flocking in the shopping districts of Baga, Calangute, Candolim and others. This is also a time to strike a better deal with the stores. So shop away!

Goa Beaches during Monsoon.

This is just a sneak peek into what you can expect in Goa during the monsoons. There’s a lot more, which is better experienced than told. So plan your trip to Goa this season as quickly as you can. We’re sure to say, you’ll be anything but disappointed!

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