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We all get bored at some point when we think we have nothing to do at home. It could be out of stressful work, or your daily routine at home that might appear to feel repetitive and mundane. As we grow up we tend to forget our passions and our hobbies. This affects our leisure time and leaves us with nothing to do – feeling unproductive, useless and bored at your luxury villa in Goa.

But take a look at the kids; they always indulge in some sort of activity in order to keep themselves busy, happy and occupied with things they love doing the most. So why can’t we rejuvenate and live our lives with the same enthusiasm, savouring our days at home?

As Jenna Lyons says, ‘ Amazing things happen when you’re having fun and doing something you love’.  Never give up on things that give you a feeling of inner happiness and the joy of doing something over and over again. Here are some tips for things to do in the holidays at home.

Try a new recipe 

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Learning to cook or trying some new dishes is always a superpower to acquire. Everyone knows that whoever tries to experiment with new food concoctions could get stressed out with new techniques and routines. 

But going to the kitchen and putting your hands to work for preparing a particular dish is what triggers you to brainstorm ideas of an extraordinary cooking strategy. Who knows? Soon you’ll find yourself heading to the finishing line of mastering an avant-garde dish.

Nothing is more priceless than cooking for your own family and loved ones. Don’t make cooking a necessity, but art to relish. 

Bring in some indoor games 

You could invest in some indoor games like board games, table tennis, billiards table or some playing cards and video games to pass your time in some sports and fun activities like these.

Speaking about having a billiards table, it’s one of the posh gaming setups you could have at your luxury villa in Goa. You can host small snooker tournaments and call your friends over to have a ball of a time. 

Host a house party 

Plan a house party and call over some friends. Put on some music, do a little dancing; or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, set up some mics and try your hands (or mouths) at karaoke.  

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Bring out the bartender within you and practice making some extraordinary cocktails for the night. You could also have a barbeque along with some mouth-watering authentic culinary dishes for dinner. 

Throwing a lavish party at your luxury villa in Goa could be costly, but you can have it once in a while or have normal small scale diners with family and a few friends and still enjoy yourselves. 

Have themed movie nights

Watching movies and TV series might be a common thing you do everyday which can get boring at some point in time. But you can make this daily routine an entertaining and fun filling one. 

Start by deciding on which movie you want to watch. Then set up the room as though you’re actually a part of that movie. For example, if it is a horror movie you could have spooky things all around the room and have an awesome sound system that will give you all the shivers as the movie horrors kick in. 

You could also arrange for some popcorn and bean bags, or pile up some cushions to make the place comfy. If you have recliners, you can use those to make yourself comfortable, as though you’re in a cinema or theatre. 

Take up learning a new instrument

We all know music is the key to happiness and inner peace. Music can revive you from a bad and boring mood to an energetic one in a split of a second. You’re never too old to take up learning a new instrument if you have a passion for music. 

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Having music played in the house can energize and change the whole home environment. Imagine reading a book, doing cleaning or cooking with some delightful music. Mesmerizing isn’t it?

Revise your resolution for a fit body

Take up yoga or aerobic exercises to keep your body fit, and you looking great. You may have nothing to do, however, your body surely needs a workout session to flex those muscles when you get bored, feel lazy and unmotivated. Think about getting in shape. 

Set up a gym at your luxury villa in Goa so that it’s easier for you to take up fitness as your daily routine at home whenever you want. That way, you won’t have to waste time driving to a gym or pay any gym fees if you’re not going regularly. 

A swim in your pool

This tip is totally optional for people who have a private pool and for those who don’t. But for those who have a pool, what are you waiting for? Get right in every day. Taking a swim in the pool can never leave you bored. 

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You could play so many fun games in the pool as well. For example, who can stay underwater the longest? Some couples can go skinny dipping in the nights. You could also have a pool party or just relax on your pool beds and tan. 

Staying at home is not always lonely, solitary or boring. But if you do a little pre-planning and creative out of the box thinking to spend some quality time with family and yourselves, you will be longing to stay at home and do the things that you love. Share your stories and ideas on how you spend your day in the comment section below.

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