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Monsoon Party

It’s that time of the year when the rain gods will definitely play havoc with your social schedules and ensure that you remain indoors a lot. What better way to dispel the monsoon blues than to host a rollicking monsoon party in your luxury villa in Goa. The quintessential Goan house monsoon party always has a large spread of finger food and an eclectic array of feni cocktails. Here are a few recipes to get your monsoon fiesta warmed up. 

Start Simple

For a person wanting to savour the fruity notes in feni it is recommended to drink it neat, however, like tequila this is an acquired habit. Splash some of your favourite Goan ambrosia over ice and top it up with a lemony beverage; the quickest and simplest way to get into the groove.

Raise the levels of passion

At all our Kasu properties we imbibe luxury villas with passion and a zest for life, so turn up the volume at your party with a Passionate Kiss: Squeeze and pour the pulp of one whole passion fruit and a slice of lime into an oversized cocktail glass, add two teaspoons of superfine white sugar, muddle it slightly, add a generous serving of feni and top it up with ice, stir and serve the best party in town. 

Samba Rhythms 

As the rhythms get quicker and the dancing frantic it’s time to whip up some Brazilian inspired feni cocktails to accompany the music. Make a Batida de Coco feni with a few simple ingredients. Pour 60ml each of coconut Feni, coconut milk and condensed milk into a cocktail shaker add ice and give it a vigorous shake on the dance floor. Pour into shot glasses rimmed with cinnamon powder and top with grated coconut.

Bring out the Bhangra

At that point when the party spirals into a  hip hop and Bhangra mix, it’s time to bring out a Viva Goa, an interesting blend of Goan and North Indian flavours. Add 30ml each feni, amchur syrup, fresh orange juice with 25ml lime juice and a couple of egg whites. Shake them all together in a cocktail shaker, while shouting “balle balle”! Add ice cubes to a wide-bottomed glass, pour in the mix, top up with a little soda and a mint sprig. 

Winding down

The best part of having a poolside luxury villa in Goa is to wind down a party by the soothing water and maybe dip your toes in as well while the rhythms switch to instrumental or romantic.  Try out the Susegaad as a perfect winding down drink. Add about 100ml Tender coconut water to 40ml Coconut feni and 30ml Sweet and sour mix (lime juice and sugar syrup mixed)  splash in 20ml Peach Schnapps and 20ml of passion fruit liqueur in a shaker with ice give it a good shake and bid your guests adieus, until the next time.  

Feni is a versatile spirit and the adventurer can conjure up creations from the subtle to the sublime. What’s your favourite feni cocktail and when is the next party planned for?

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