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Mirrors are perhaps the most underrated accessories in a room despite their functional and aesthetic value. Mirrors don’t have to be relegated to just the bathroom and dressing table, with a little ingenuity, they can play a vital role in making your home look more spacious. If you have got yourself a luxury villa in Goa, here are some tips on how to use mirrors to transform any room in your house into an elegant home.

Mirror Hack #1: Create A Window

For small rooms that do not have windows, a mirror that’s cut and framed to mimic a window will do the trick. Expand the space with this simple optical illusion to create a stylish and brighter space.

Mirror Hack #2: Brighten Up The Kitchen

Mirrors in the kitchen may seem like an unusual idea. However, a well-placed mirror can create a sense of expanded space while turning mundane cooking into a delight. It’s a great way to help the cook keep an eye out for what’s happening in the dining area while doubling the size of the kitchen.

Mirror Hack #3: Highlight The Hallway

Hallways tend to be narrow and dim, transform this space from being dull and plain to bright and charming by using mirrors cut in interesting shapes or with quirky frames. It will also be a great way to check your appearance just before leaving the house.

Mirror Hack #4: Brighten The Alcoves

Mirror tiles can spice up an overlooked alcove in a jiffy. Not only does it make a compact space feel roomier but it also lends elegance to the space. Use mirrors that have a soft, antiqued finish to provide a gentle and warm feel.

Mirror Hack #5: Dine In Style

If you already have a chandelier in your dining room, a mirror will reflect light off it and turn it into the pièce de résistance of the room. Your dining space will look larger and more formal, not to mention glamorous with the addition of a mirror.

Mirror Hack #6: Expand The Bedroom

A mirror strategically placed in the bedroom can make the space feel generous. It won’t hurt that you can check how you look as well. Placing mirrors on closet doors often work well for most bedrooms.

Mirror Hack #7: Go Big

Some spaces in the house lend themselves perfectly for a large mirror. In fact, interior designers love to use oversized mirrors as interesting focal points. A large mirror propped against a wall or leaned into a corner will brilliantly complement the décor while making the room appear larger.

Mirror Hack #8: Enlarge even the smallest room

If your guest powder room feels petite, open it up by installing mirrors on one wall. Make it a decorative feature, not just a practical one. It will boost the proportions of the room and enliven the tiny space.

Mirrors are the perfect complement to the interior design of a house whether it’s elegant or quirky. They draw the eye upwards and instantly make a room feel more spacious. They create neat optical illusions which play with the light and space of a room. It’s time to spruce up and reinvent the decor of your home with the simple use of mirrors.

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