Goa’s coastline is fringed with tropical trees and lapped by waters of the Arabian Sea, making it a tourist destination like no other in the World. Goa boasts several magnificent Churches and Portuguese homes, attracting visitors from all parts of the Globe to experience its unique heritage and culture.

Why Invest In A Holiday Home In Goa?

What makes Holiday Homes in Goa the perfect Investment option in India?

‘A lot of people look at Goa’s real estate to earn a rental income by letting out the property to tourists. During peak season, this turns out to be a high income generating venture.’  – 99Acres.com

 Rental Returns

There is something for everybody in Goa; which goes to mean that no matter your taste or choice, you can always earn a rental income from your home. There are many operators that will manage your property for you and guarantee you a certain percentage, or you have the option of letting the property out yourself. The location and type of property you choose is key to determining the rate of return you will receive.


If you want to buy a holiday home in Goa, away from the monotony of city-life, then Goa’s serene location, quiet local lifestyle and strong economic environment make it an attractive investment option. Goa offers the perfect mix of a vivacious urban experience along with serene and rural tranquility.


Goa is conveniently located with access to all major metropolitan cities in India. International flights from many parts of the world carry a huge number of foreign tourists to and from the state. The Goa airport is currently situated in the middle of North and South Goa, making both districts easily accessible. With the new Mopa airport scheduled to open in 2020, the northernmost beaches such as Arambol and Querim will now become more accessible.

Retirement Home

Owning a holiday home in Goa has become consistently fashionable over the years. A home away from home, the rustic Goan lifestyle has offers a peaceful retirement option for many. Goa now has a decent sized community of retirees who have chosen to blend in with the local population.

Weekend Gateway

Who wouldn’t like to spend a fun-filled weekend with friends and family in Goa every now and then? Having a holiday home in Goa saves people the bother of booking hotel rooms or rentals, especially in peak season when hotels are not being able to handle the large influx of tourists.

Financial feasibility

The competitive real estate prices compared to it’s urban counterparts in the country make buying a holiday home in Goa much more feasible. Depending on the budget of the investor, the person can choose between Northern or Southern Goan belts. North Goa definitely offers more variety and is more commercial with access to multiple entertainment and recreational activities as compared to South Goa, which is more conservative albeit affordable.

Goa’s rental income market is directly proportional to the tourist inflows in the state. Goa’s future will remain to depend on tourism with tourist season now extending even to the hot summer months, making it a steady and feasible option for investment.


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