Goa has been blessed with a topography that most states in India envy. It is a state with mountains on one side and a beach on the other, a state that prides itself on progress and technology while still maintaining a rustic lifestyle and culture. This, along with other factors, has attracted an array of developers from across the country to invest and develop properties in Goa.

At Kasu, we cherish and recognize the unique heritage of Goa, allowing it to percolate into every home we build. Our villas are rested in the heart of nature, keeping in mind the peace and tranquility that a homeowner continually seeks.

So what are our KEY differentiators?


Kasu is a brand with over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate primarily in Bangalore. We have developed over 9 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate in Bangalore, with esteemed clients such as Accenture, HP, Capgemini and Intuit. Our core values promise our customers quality, transparency, design and a service-oriented approach. And this is the promise we have brought to our Goan clientele as well. Each home we design is a masterpiece, a dwelling waiting to be owned, cherished and enjoyed in India’s top tourist destination.


We handpick locations for our clients. While proximity to necessities and ease of access to entertainment is a must, our villas are built under a canopy of trees, keeping intact the fabric of the old and beautiful villages in which they’re built. We believe in change, but a positive change, without tearing apart the beauty of Mother Nature!

The Ultimate Vacation Home

Each villa we build is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that perfectly suit the lifestyle of our clients. With a private pool, 100% DG backup, private staff quarters, our villas offer the sophistication of your home, away from home!

Maintenance and Service

We believe in Service! Our job is not over unless you’re happy! Since our clients are looking at this abode as a second home, we provide additional services such as Rental Management and Property Management to ensure that your property is looked after even in your absence.

Our Rental Management Services will help you get a tenant, ensuring your property earns a return on your investment while you are away. If Renting is not your choice, our Property Management Services will ensure your home is maintained efficiently when you’re not around.

Luxury and Comfort

We define luxury. We design your home with the same care and attention as we’d design our own home. Kasu especially prides itself on its keen eye for detail.

We make the best choices to give your home the upscale, luxurious look that you truly deserve. All the accessories and amenities chosen are the best in class.

Kasu is synonymous with style and perfection. A brand built with the utmost trust and confidence of our clientele, Kasu villas embody all that our dreams are made of.

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