Anjuna is a sizeable village located on the coast of North Goa that has been famous for decades now. The popularity of the beaches of Anjuna surged because of its discovery by the hippies during the 60’s, then slowly over the years transforming itself into a commercial haven for tourists and locals alike.

Anjuna is a diverse investment destination because of the lifestyle value it holds for many homebuyers. It is an attractive place to invest and reside because it offers its’ owners a well-balanced blend of cosmopolitan lifestyle experience and Goan-Portuguese heritage. Additionally, Anjuna is perfectly situated in the heart of North Goa, with best access to all the entertainment hubs in the state.

North Goa, with emphasis on Anjuna, is witnessing a lot of action due to increasing customer demand and is quite popular with investors due to it’s resorts, beaches, malls and nightlife. As far as real estate in the state is concerned, Anjuna has been the preference for people looking to own a home in Goa mainly due to the price appreciation factor and strong resale value in the property market. Investors’ desire to stay close to nature that is unique to Goa have been driving land prices up steadily over the years.

“Vacation or second homes provide ideal rental income opportunities and also becomes a long-term asset as its value increases over time” — DECCAN HERALD

Residential rental returns in T1 and T2 cities in India vary between 2-3%- however vacation rental returns in north Goa have been seen to be much higher at 8-12%.

According to, Goa is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. In 2014-15, the state attracted 3.54 million tourists, of which 0.51 million were foreign tourists. With its tranquil charm and party tag, Goa is seen as a prime destination and it is these very traits that are giving shape to the second home real estate market within Goa.

“What makes Goa an attractive real estate bet? Since, Goa is a preferred holiday destination among national and international tourists, Goa receives several tourists every year. Most of the foreign tourists who come to Goa stay for longer periods, thus renting a holiday home is an obvious choice for them. Additionally, hotels of Goa at times are unable to accommodate the huge influx the state sees during the peak season. Thereby, holiday homes become the alternative for tourists both for long stay and flexibility which they offer” — FINANCIAL EXPRESS

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